The 3 Cs 0f Ban Base

We believe in coming together – complementing each other in the needs  you have, this is how true progress is achieved. These are also key attributes we are looking for when recruiting. We believe that geographical distance and a different cultural background provides a collaboration and learning opportunity for both. And that in today’s world more than ever we should embrace difference rather than let it separate us. There is great opportunity to collaborate, mutually benefit in a seamless and moreover convenient way.

The Ban Base Story

Ban Base Founders - Offshore Tech Hiring

Ban Base is built on the strong belief in the strength of Bangladesh – its talented people, resilience and ability to exceed expectations. It’s the country’s bestTech Talents that make our company steered forward by our drive and motivation to provide a platform for clients and Talent to connect & collaborate.We want to create positive impact in the country, by ensuring quality employment in an inclusive environment and opportunities for personal and professional development. We share the belief that collaboration without borders makes us stronger. Coming in with different skillsets and perspectives is what we need to accelerate, especially in today’s world – facing many challenges.

Our success

Bringing in experience of over 15 years


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Countries covered


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Ban Base Mission - Off Shore Tech Hiring

Our Mission

Connect organizations around the world with the best resources of Bangladesh – a Base for providing seamless and borderless collaboration.

We nurture talents, making them the change makers the world is looking for.

Our Vision

We see a world where organizations are creating positive impact – being connected with the best available resources who create technology that makes life better for everyone.

Driven by our passion to connect and collaborate. Accelerating progression and have a sustainable positive impact on bothPeople and Planet making lasting impact in communities where we live and work.

Ban Base Offshore Tech Hiring Vision

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