Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hire remote / offshore developers?

Click here to get started and tell us more about your project. Our team will get back to you in 24 hours and then provide you with a free consultation. In 3 simple steps we will setup the perfect team for you in days.

What is an estimate of remote developer salary?

Hiring a remote developer through OSTDO is at least 40% more affordable than a local in-house team. Our developer salaries ranges from 1900 for Junior to 5000 for Senior level expertise. Click here to see a more detailed pricing chart.

Do you provide overseas developer for Startups?

We provide developers for Startups, SMEs and Corporations, having experience in working with different organizational environments.

How can I track the progress of my project?

Your project will be in your full control. You will be directly communicating with your developers and managing them in your style. As an added benefit, we have shared project manager to provide you insights on your project and advice on key decisions.

What should be the minimum size of a team, I have to hire?

Although a perfect team size may range from 3-5 depending on the type of project, you can even hire only 1 developer from Ban Base. There are no limitations.

Is it possible for us to hire a developer on a weekly basis?

Yes, you can hire on a weekly basis.

Do you face any limitations with different time zones of clients?

We do not face any limitations as we share an overlapping of 5 hours with European time providing a smooth working environment offshore.

Will you replace my developer if I am not satisfied with the performance?

We make sure that we only engage the most capable and best fit for your project. But however, if you wish to have a replacement, we have 1000+ developers on-boarded with us and we can provide a replacement any time.

What is OSTDO?

OSTDO stands for Off Shore Tech Development Office, which is a model for an enhanced outsourcing experience. Where you don't only outsource, but have your own team of offshore developers sourced, vetted, trained and setup in an offshore office with project management and HR support.

Would you help us in providing a consultation before starting the project?

Yes we do! We provide a free consultation where we understand your problem better and we provide expert opinion on how to go about your tech. That is totally free and before you engage in business with us.

What tech stacks does Ban Base specialize on?

Our specialization is on FinTech, Payments and Web 3.0. However, we cover a wide range of tech stacks such as Python, .Net, Angular, Java, Javascript, Flutter, Node.js, PHP, React, to name a few.

Do you provide remote project managers?

We provide a shared Project Manager complimentary with our developers and we also provide dedicated project managers if you are in need to hire one.

Do you provide Interns / Trainee / Student Placement services?

Our developers ranges from Junior (1 year of experience) to Senior (8+ years of experience). We do not provide fresh graduates or interns / trainee. However, you can reach out to us about your needs and we can accommodate through our partners.

Is there any recruitment fees?

Hiring with Ban Base comes with no recruitment fees. You pay absolutely nothing extra. We transparently bill you for your desired developers and for your OSTDO service which includes HR & Project Management support and your own physical offshore tech office with all necessary equipments.

What is the payment policy?

You pay on a monthly basis where you are charged by per developer and a flat fee on OSTDO subscription. Payment can be done locally in the Netherlands.

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