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Hire Offshore Developers: Why and How?

Skilled software developers are an integral part of your company. But they are also the hardest to find. Hiring offshore developers can go a long way in this regard.
Then again, how do you go about hiring offshore developers? Why exactly offshore development teams are a good fit for your company?

Don’t worry, we are here to answer all these questions in this article.

Why Hire Offshore Developers?

There’s a misguided popular notion that companies hire offshore developers only to cut costs. But many do not realize that it has nothing to do with quality but with low living costs in those countries. The developers still make significantly more than their national averages to lead luxurious lives.

But what are the other benefits of hiring remotely? From onboarding the best developers to better innovation - offshore development teams are an excellent solution for your company’s digital acceleration. Let’s look at all the advantages of hiring offshore development teams below:

1. Top Quality Developers

When you are hiring globally, you can tap into unexplored talent markets. According to a Pentalog report, 4 of the top 5 countries for best developers in 2022 are popular hubs of offshore developers. This indicates how borderless hiring lets you access the best developers.

2. Spend Your Company Budget and Resources the Right Way

With offshore development teams, you can cut the cost of hiring developers. You get expert developers at competitive rates. On top of that, you reduce the HR and admin workload related to in-house hiring. As a result, you can spend more resources on R&D. 

3. Rapid Scalability

Offshore development teams are a perfect choice if you are looking to outgrow your competitors. Upscaling with offshore developers is way quicker than in-house developers.

4. Navigate Global Talent Shortage 

Kornferry reported that by 2030 a total of 85 million jobs will be left vacant due to a talent shortage. The best way to navigate this talent shortage for a tech company is to comb each corner of the globe for developers.

5. Hire Teams for Particular Projects

Another advantage of hiring remotely is that you can hire offshore development teams for specific projects. The team will work on the particular project and deliver you quality products in time while you focus on your company.

6. Launch Your Teams Quickly

In-house hiring is a long process, especially in first-world countries. The reason is complex admin and legal processes. With offshore hiring, you can steer clear of these hassles and hire rapidly.

7. Innovation with Cultural Diversity

Offshore development teams add diversity to your tech team. As a result, you get innovative ideas from people perceiving ideas through different lenses.

How to Hire the Right Offshore Developers?

Hiring the right people is always tricky, even more so when you are hiring offshore. But with more and more ways to assess candidates online and the rise of offshoring companies, you can land the right employees. Here’s a checklist of the things you need to keep in mind for hiring offshore developers:

• Qualities to Look for in Offshore Developers

There are a few qualities you should look for in your offshore developers. These qualities ensure that they are a good fit for your company. Here’s a short checklist of such qualities: 

   • Readiness to be team players
   • Willing to push time-zones
   • Eager to take responsibility
   • Identify Your Requirements

Have a clear idea of the expertise you require for your company or a certain project. Define the roles that you will be hiring for and your commitment requirements clearly before diving into the market to find developers.

• Choose Your Offshore Development Destination

While you can hire offshore developers from anywhere thanks to high-speed internet and great collaboration tools available, it’s good to narrow down the most prominent destinations. These markets are not popular for nothing, right? For example, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe are very popular remote development hubs.

• Budget Accordingly

Make a well-defined budget before hiring, so that you know where to look among the popular countries for offshore developers. After you’re done making the budget, compare the developer rates to the roles you are looking to hire for.

• Decide on Your Collaboration Method

Now that you have outlined your requirements, budget, and preferred markets, it’s time to decide on a collaboration model for your offshore development teams. You have the freedom to hire offshore developers, partner with an offshoring company like Ban Base, or even set up your own offshore development center. 

• Screen, Shortlist, and Hire

Finally, after deciding on preferred markets, budget, requirements, and collaboration methods, it’s time to shortlist and onboard your preferred developers!

Final Thoughts

All in all, hiring offshore developers can be a great choice for your company’s digital acceleration. From quick onboarding to resource efficiency - offshore hiring can be the way you outgrow your competitors.

In this article, we have outlined the basic whys and hows of offshore development teams for you. So, if you are thinking about hiring offshore development teams, this article surely is a great place to start.

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