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Offshore Tech Development Office and Its Functionalities

The demand for software developers is ever-increasing. Whilst, the global economy is still trying to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and is highly volatile. Therefore, organizations are looking for flexible, efficient, and cost-effective modes of tech development.

In their pursuit of a sustainable modus operandi, companies are moving their tech and other operations to another office in a different country. This model of operation is usually called the Offshore Development Center (ODC) model. In Ban Base, we have come up with a slightly modified version of ODC. We call it the Offshore Tech Development Office (OSTDO) model.

Interested to learn more about how the OSTDO model can streamline your company’s growth & operations?

In this article, we will have a deeper look at the Offshore Tech Development Office (OSTDO) model and its numerous benefits.

What is an Offshore Development Center?

In simple words, an Offshore Tech Development Office is your extended team for Software Development Projects in a foreign location. It is an extension of your in-house tech team that works on your software projects. This allows the in-house team to focus solely on core business affairs.

The Offshore Tech Development Office will be managed by a hiring partner. The partner will take care of all operational matters related to your offshore tech team and their deliverables. Furthermore, the partner will support you in the setup and ensure seamless integration.

How Does an Offshore Tech Development Office Work?

How an Offshore Tech Development Office functions is pretty straightforward. For example, you are a company based in the Netherlands. You are developing a new extension of your organization's current software solution. However, you are struggling to hire the required technical expertise within the Dutch market.

It can be the fact that your country’s existing local talent shortage means the expert developers are already grabbed by the local & global giants and you are struggling to compete. Or are you simply being outbid with rates continuing to go up?

Other reasons could be that you want to move into the market quickly to gain an early mover’s advantage. But going through a lengthy (in-house) hiring process and administrative hassles would be delaying that.

Offshore Tech Development Office allows you to tap into a much larger pool of Tech Talent - with a wide range of tech expertise. It allows you the freedom to have a tech team consisting of the expert developers you need, without necessarily recruiting them full-time or with a long-term commitment. Maximum flexibility in scaling to put it simply!

In all these cases, setting up an OSTDO in a country with reasonably lower living costs but a great local tech talent market can be the perfect solution. 

Benefits of Offshore Tech Development Office (OSTDO) 

1. Pre-vetted Developer Pool

In the OSTDO model, you get access to a pre-vetted developer pool who are ready to start, drastically reducing the time to hire. For example, here at Ban Base, we have a pool of 1000+ pre-vetted developers who have already worked with leading global organizations.

2. Cutting Costs

OSTDO allows you to build tech for the future without breaking the bank. Hiring offshore developers can cut your development cost by almost half.

Especially if you’re setting up an OSTDO in a developing country like Bangladesh, it can provide multiple benefits to you: 

  • A massive tech talent pool. Talents with expert technical and English communication skills.
  • Bangladesh is gradually becoming a leading destination for IT outsourcing
  • Low living cost means you get the best developers at reasonable rates
  • The Bangladesh government has favorable policies for the country’s IT sector

3. Easily Scalable

You can easily hire developers on a contractual basis for projects. Avoid unnecessary long-term commitments. Plus you can always scale rapidly in the OSTDO model as you get access to the pre-vetted pool from where you can hire. 

4. All-day Working Hours

Your OSTDO will operate at a different time-zone which can prove to be immensely advantageous. This will mean your tech development activities will take place round the clock. Consequently, anytime there’s a bug or a customer request, you will always have someone to solve or look after these issues.

5. International Presence

Another great benefit of OSTDO is it gives your business a physical presence in the country where you set up your OSTDO. It helps you localize your product and service, and presents you with the opportunity to venture into a new market.

6. Focus on Main Business Activities

As you are outsourcing your tech development partially or completely, it gives you the scope of focusing on the pure business strategies and functionalities at your main in-house office.

Hire Offshore Developers and Set up Your OSTDO with Ban Base

Ban Base is your all-inclusive tech development partner working based on the OSTDO model. We help you set up the perfect tech team as per your requirements in just 20 days. You just need to send us your project requirements and we will get back to you with relevant profiles in 24 hours.

On top of that, you only pay the recruitment fees when you hire from us. You get your OSTDO and project managers for your tech teams free of charge.

On top of that, you pay an all-in monthly rate for your team members, where we ensure the perfect OSTDO set up for them and get the right Project Manager to manage your Team. Get started on a 14-day free trial with us and see how good our pool of 1000+ pre-vetted developers that global industry leaders such as PayPal, P&G, and Telenor trust for their critical projects.

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